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Health Promotion

The Massachusetts Immunization Law (Chapter 76, Section 15) requires all students to provide proof of immunizations as a requirement for school attendance. Students must also have a recent physical on file for grades Kindergarten, Fourth, Seventh, and Eleventh. 


The required physical should include the date (month, day, year), signed by a physician and must be submitted prior to entering or re-entering school. You can have the physician's office fax it directing to our health office at 508 828 2968.

Accidents Happen!  

In addition to bathroom accidents, nose bleeds, lunch spills, art class mishaps, and recess falls all require clothing changes.  It is advised that all children have a spare set of clothing at school.  This includes a shirt, pants, underpants, and socks.  In the event that your child needs a clothing change, we can quickly assist them into clean, dry clothing and have them return to class with little time away from learning.  All clothing can be placed in a Zip-Lock bag labeled with your child’s name. All spare clothing may be left in your child's backpack in the classroom.