Bell Schedules

Bell Schedule Student drop-off begins at 8:40 and students need to be in their classrooms and ready to learn at 9:00. If a student arrives at or after 9:00 AM they are considered tardy. Please make every effort to be on time each day. Pickup time in the afternoon begins at 3:10 PM. Our day ends at 3:25 PM. If you are not here at 3:25 you will have to park your car in the lot, come into the school with your picture ID and sign your child out for the day.
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
Arrival 8:40 AM 9:00 AM 20 min
Parent Pick-up Dismissal 3:10 PM 3:25 PM 15 min
Van and Bus Dismissal 3:10 PM 3:25 PM 15 min